Will You Be The Girl Who Is Single Forever?

Originally posted on The Huffington Post on June 26, 2015

Dating can be very frustrating. You spend time, money and emotional energy trying to find “The One” and most of the time you wind up being disappointed. Then, you have to go back to the drawing board, hoping that the next one will be better. This makes you wonder why you are still single when most of your friends have figured out how to make it to the marriage promised-land?

If you want to be the next single gal to cross the finish line, you need to take a hard look at yourself and your dating situation and make some drastic improvements. That is not to say that the men are perfect in their dating habits because they are not. However, you need to be accountable for your own actions and put your right foot forward. Keep in mind that Noah’s ark was 2 by 2 and in our society, most people whotruly want to get married, actually get married.

Here are 10 questions to consider if you want to determine if you are a girl who is destined to be single forever. If a lot of these resonate for you, it’s time to make some real changes, so you can get yourself married.

Are you the only one of your girlfriends who is still single? If you are, you need to ask yourself what your friends did that you aren’t doing when it’s comes to dating and make some changes.

Do you have a list of dating rules that a man must follow or you won’t give him a chance (even though most of them are outdated and irrelevant to whether or not he will make a good husband and partner) ? If you are a “Rules” girl, and spend more time noticing if he calls you 5 days before a date to ask you out, rather than noticing the kind of man he is and the kind of father he will be, break the habit.

Do you tell yourself that you don’t care if you ever get married, but, in reality you cry yourself to sleep over it? Stop rationalizing. You want to get married, get yourself married. Remember how you got an “A” in school when youreally worked hard for it or how you got that promotion at work that you wanted? Do the same thing with your dating.



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