Member Question: How Much Social Media Is Too Much?

Q: Hi! I recently went on a date with this guy that I had only met once before through a mutual friend. We had a great time and our personalities really clicked. But, the next day he added me on Instagram and Facebook. Monday rolls around and I saw that he viewed my profile on LinkedIn, which is when I started to get a bit skeptical. I only used LinkedIn for professional purposes, not to connect with dates! Is this bordering on too much too soon or is he just checking me out?

A: People are curious! In The Dating Lounge,  we specifically allow for you to see a Match’s social media profiles, so you can learn more about the person; this makes you feel more of a connection. Similarly, when you go on a date these days, it’s natural for someone who liked you to look you up. I don’t think this should deter you about him at all. You had a good time- see him again and see how it goes!


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