Member Question: Should I Be Lying About My Age In The Dating Lounge

Q: I just turned 45, but I look and act very youthful for my age. Many men have noticed that I have a lot of energy, that I am quite passionate and fun-loving, and some wonder if they can keep up with me. Do you think I should take a few years off my actual age, for search purposes? Or is it always best to be honest from the get-go, even regarding age?

A: One of the features that makes the dating lounge so unique and exclusive is that members are unable to lie about information such as their age.  When you create your profile, data such as your real name and age are pulled in from the social media with which you logged in.  This feature insures that members are not falsifying information to other members, and users get to know potential dates for who they are.

Furthermore, since you are dating to find a real, meaningful relationship with someone with whom you will potentially spend the rest of your life, honesty is always key.  And the right match will recognize your youthfulness and vitality without thinking twice about your age!


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