aside The Garret, a New Favorite Cocktail Spot

garret1Here at The Dating Lounge, we’re always on the lookout for lively, new spots where we can sip on delicious libations. We recently found a new favorite in the just-opened The Garret, a self proclaimed “refined drinking establishment” located in the heart of the West Village, NYC.

Here’s the weird part: The Garret is nestled in a small (but cozy and eclectic) loft space above the Five Guys on Bleecker Street. Normally, when you’re in your fancy shoes and looking for a fun night out, you would never dream of stepping into a a Five Guys… right? But, if you make your way past the bags of potatoes and the kitchen to the bouncer in the back, and up the wooden staircase and inside, you will find that it’s buzzing and fun, and probably your kind of place.

If you do find yourself at The Garret one night, order one of their creative cocktails (or two… or three), and if you happen to get hungry (who gets hungry when they’re out?), they have a secret Five Guys menu.

And if you’re still in search of a mate to sip yummy cocktails with, you should think about becoming a member of The Dating Lounge.


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