Don’t Let Technology Ruin Your Dating Life

textingonadateIf you are single, technology is a great tool to enhance your dating life. Now, it is easier than ever to find someone great. We created The Dating Lounge to help you meet the exact kind of people you want to date – people that you are already connected to because they are friends of your friends.

However, once you are with someone in person, you have to be careful to not let technology sabotage your dating life, or your relationship. Here are some tips that will make sure that you are not committing a technology faux pas:

  • Keep your phone turned off when you are on a date. (Or at the very least, keep it on silent and only check it when you’re in the bathroom.) Definitely do not put your phone on the table; this send a very bad signal to your date that you are not interested in spending time with them.
  • If you are expecting an urgent call and absolutely cannot put your phone away, make sure to explain the situation to your date. And if you do have to answer a call or respond to a text, be sure to give your date a sincere apology.
  • Once you’re in a great relationship, don’t let technology be something that drives you apart. Set aside a time each day where you both go offline so you can be in the moment with each other.
  • Find ways to use technology for good (and not evil) in your relationship. This means sending a flirty text or a snapchat so that your partner knows you’re thinking about them. You can even try using an app that helps manage conflict in your relationship.

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