Did Bachelor Juan Pablo Make the Right Decision?

JPDid you tune into the final episode of The Bachelor last night? If so, you probably know that Bachelor Juan Pablo has become one of most despised bachelors of all time. Still, it’s always fun to analyze the decision for the final rose… did Juan Pablo make the right decision in choosing Nikki over Clare?

First of all, Juan Pablo clearly had a very strong physical attraction to Clare. (How many times did he say “Clare… ay ay ay”? A lot!) Clare had obviously fallen in love with him, but for Juan Pablo, the relationship may have only existed on the physical level. When Clare directly asked him how he felt about her, he had nothing very serious or convincing to say.

At the same time, Juan Pablo (not being most expressive bachelor…) didn’t have the words to tell Nikki how he felt about her either. But, we have to remember that Nikki was the one girl he picked early on in the season who got to meet his daughter. That’s a strong indicator in and of itself of his feelings. And in the end, chemistry is the intangible. If you can’t see it on your TV screen, it doesn’t mean that it’s not there. Even if Juan Pablo didn’t have the words to express it, if he felt a stronger connection Nikki, he made the right decision.

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