Poll: The Best Way To Meet Someone Is Through Friends


Interestingly,we polled 500 single people about their favorite way to meet someone of the opposite sex and a whopping 87.4% said they preferred meeting a potential love interest through a friend.

When we probed as to why this is the case, most people said that the connection felt more organic and “meant to be” when they had a friend connection between them and their date. They told us that in years past, they did meet a lot of strangers at bars and parties, but that in today’s world, they much prefer to meet someone who is connected directly to them in some way. We concluded that the old “6 degrees of separation” theory still holds true.

If you like meeting people through friends, a great way to do this is by joining The Dating Lounge on Facebook. It is a new dating app where you use your Facebook profile to date your friends’ friends. This provides accuracy in real time, accurate photos and  real-life connection. Makes sense, right?


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